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Playing with Capital S.
Soloing with the 852 Blue
Opus a la carte Sonder 2020
La Sax Saxo Carnival of the Animals
Louis Yuen Show 阮兆祥演唱會
Judas Law 羅凱鈴
Musical backstage w/ Marsha Yuen原子鏸
La Sax Cable TV intervier
Louis Yuen 阮兆祥
Jsax demonstration
Chemie in dress rehearsal of a show
Opus a la carte Sonder 2020
Dr. Zechariah Goh in Singapore
Playing with Jean Yves Fourmeau
Opus a la carte
La Sax open rehearsal
soprano saxophone
Recording Session
Musical Tour
852 Blue at Beer Fest
852 Blue
Solo Jazz Baritone Saxophone
Msu Jazz Band
Msu Jazz Band
Children Museum Outreach, Austin
KUTX radio station
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